Multiforms® Sorbent

Press-formed Sorbent

Custom-shaped press-formed moisture absorbers ideal for tight spaces

press formed and shaped sorbent

Save space without compromising adsorption with an all-in-one moisture absorber component

Ideal for applications where space is limited, this ultra-strong, highly durable moisture absorber provides reliable protection from moisture and organic vapors in the tiniest spaces. With sizes as small as small as .050” O.D. or .050” I.D. Multiforms Press-formed Sorbents can act as a functional part of your product design.

Supported Formats: Press-formed (Custom Shape / Size)

moisture absorber in custom shapes and sizes

Select Your Sorbent Material

Available in a wide range of shapes containing molecular sieve, silica gel, activated carbon, blends of these sorbents.

Save Money

As a functional component, Multiforms eliminate the extra steps and labor costs required to add additional desiccants to primary or secondary product packaging outside of the device or component to which it is fitted.

Close Tolerance and High Purity

Manufactured to tight tolerances, Multiforms can be mass produced in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are manufactured with high quality molecular sieve, carbon, silica gel, or combinations thereof.


Pharmaceuticals / In-Vitro Diagnostics / Medical Devices / Dietary Supplements / Electronic Equipment / Optical Instruments

customizable moisture absorbers

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