Multiform CSF® Coated

Press-formed Sorbent

A solid form moisture absorber that is both powerful and compact

press formed sorbent

Achieve twice the adsorbent capacity as a similarly sized conventional sorbent with this robust solid form moisture absorber

If you have space constraints that limit the room for sorbents, or require a special shape for your sorbent, Multiform CSF Coated, Press-formed Sorbents are your ideal solution. This compact sorbent solution provides twice the absorption capacity of a traditional loose fill product format, potentially eliminating the need to add multiple units.

Supported Formats: Press-formed (Custom Shape / Size)

custom shape and size moisture absorber

Protect Your Products

Pharmaceutical grade, dust-free coating allows for safe direct contact with your product. The sorbents themselves are made with FDA approved, pharmaceutical grade ingredients and have a Drug Master File available.

Custom Shapes Available

Adjust your moisture absorber to your packaging, not the other way around. Depending on volume, Multiform CSF® can be made using your specific design specs, creating a sorbent solution that fits perfectly into your packaging.

Available using IntelliSorb™ Moisture Management Formulation

Multiform CSF is also available using our IntelliSorb moisture management formulations, delivering a customized level of equilibrium relative humidity control (ERH). This is especially helpful in dry powder inhaler product applications where a standard desiccant may cause issues by creating an environment that is too low in relative humidity.


Pharmaceuticals: Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) systems, bottles, blister packs, overwrap pouches

Diagnostics: tubes for test strips, in-vitro diagnostics, clinical IVD products, home/OTC IVD products

Electronics: electro-optics, space-constrained applications: Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) systems, bottles, blister packs, overwrap pouches

multiform csf

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