Preserve the integrity of your products with our moisture absorbers and moisture regulators.

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Oxygen Absorbers

Protect your product from degradation and extend shelf life with our line of oxygen absorbers.

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Volatile and Odor

VOC Control

Prevent odor and volatiles with custom forumlated sorbent solutions for demanding applications.

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Sorbent Dispenser Head Detail

Sorbent Dispensing

Speed up manufaturing and get unsurpassed reliability with automated sorbent dispensing.

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Research and Development

R&D focus | Better protection

Our total commitment to advanced methods in research and development ensure the highest quality protection of your products. We provide custom testing of your product to offer a tailored solution for your biggest challenges.

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Desiccant Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Culture

Multisorb is a learning and values based organization.  Our lean manufacturing culture focuses on efficiency, education, accountability, and empowerment.  Multisorb strives to continuously improve to better service our customers.