Manufacturing is departmentalized according to the specific requirements of individual product lines. In this area, StripPax® and MiniPax® Packets intended for a variety of desiccating applications are produced with machinery designed and manufactured by Multisorb. Patented and proprietary processes figure significantly in Multisorb’s ability to develop and deliver optimum solutions when they’re needed.

In addition to control inspections and final functional testing, statistical process control and the natural work team concept allow technicians to exercise independent, in-process quality evaluations and to work in small groups responsible for continuous process improvement.

Multisorb operations are characterized by our ability to produce numerous categories of products simultaneously, to make rapid production changes and to customize products that meet or exceed customer specifications.

Hands-on spooling of StripPax® Packets provides an exceptionally high-quality wind, and the technique offers a final opportunity to observe the integrity of the product. Spools are subsequently vacuum-sealed, compared to poly-bagging often used by others. By pulling a true vacuum, any ambient moisture is evacuated from the spool package, giving the desiccant its greatest usable capacity.

Sorbicap® Canister is manufactured in a separate, dedicated space. This canister product absorbs both moisture and odor. Its patented design features sonically welded end caps that eliminate dusting and other problems associated with canisters. Importantly, these canisters will not come apart as occasionally happens with other canisters.

This team is producing FreshMax® Self-adhesive Sorbents. Designed for food packaging, these thin flat labels can reduce residual oxygen to less than 0.01%--promoting freshness, extending shelf-life, and maintaining product appearance and flavor without preservatives.

Here is the production line for FreshPax® Packets, our oxygen absorbing packets also designed specifically for food applications. These low-profile, compact, bagged sorbents are made with FDA grade components. They can be shipped in strip-form for automatic dispensing or as individual packets.

This tablet press produces the Multisorb scavenger Multiforms. We regularly customize this product, manufacturing a wide range of shapes and profiles with numerous sorbent options. Scavenger Multiforms can absorb up to 30% of their weight for moisture, odor and other volatile chemical vapors. After tablets have emerged from the press, they are activated in a specially-designed chamber.

Unlike many humidity indicating cards available today, Multiform Humonitor® cards are subjected to intensive quality control for correct color performance, which can indicate humidity from as low as 5% with ±3% accuracy.

Multisorb has one team dedicated to hand-manufactured products such as the desiccant bags being filled and sewn here. Hand lines permit highly-customized batch production techniques. Moisture management bars are produced in this area as well.

A programmable, vision system lot control center uses bar codes to transmit shop order numbers, thus eliminating human error and enhancing production efficiency. Its single, most-important contribution to quality is consistency and reliability, permitting Multisorb to fulfill our customers’ precise sizing standards predictably, order to order.

Computerized storage and efficient retrieval is the core of our enterprise resource planning program. From initial order entry through manufacturing and quality control to delivery, all inventory is tightly controlled and can be located instantly. Multisorb is pleased to receive outstanding delivery performance recognition from its customers.

None of the sophisticated machinery and manufacturing technology shown here would be productive without Multisorb’s commitment to intensive training programs. Every employee receives ninety days of on-the-job training before he or she can participate in any of our production areas. Our ongoing programs include high-performance work team training, problem-solving techniques, lean manufacturing principles, 5S and Kaizen, SPC, safety, and cGMP.